Welcome to Cleary School for the Deaf

Another great year for Cleary School!
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Meet our 19 incredible student-athletes who participated in this year's
Special Olympics Long Island Spring Games South! Click here for details!
Here's a great picture from the Track Invitational on 5/25. Great Job,
Anoune! I hear Anoune even qualified to go on the State Qualifiers!
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Lucky Emre! Those helicoptors look so cool! Click here to see more pictures of Emre's adventures!

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Congratulations to all our walkers and fundraisers who participated in the Walk4Hearing this year! We raised way more than our goal, and had a bunch of fun with all the awesome people who came to join us! If you’d like to make a donation, click the button below. But for now, check out some of our captured moments!