Sign Language Preschool

Cleary School’s Sign Language Based Preschool Program provides a small group environment to address the communication, social, cognitive and academic needs of children who are Deaf. American Sign Language (ASL) is used as a primary mode of communication throughout the school day. The focus at the preschool level is to develop skills through positive learning experiences. Through individual and small group activities, the young student is provided with rich visual and literal experiences that support growth and development.

The foundation of our curriculum and instruction in the preschool classroom is based on the New York State Learning Standards. We provide teacher-directed lessons as well as open-ended activities to support meaningful learning experiences.


• Full Day Program 

• Teachers Certified in Deaf or Special Education 

• Literature Based Lessons 

• Theme and Project Based Activities 

• Exposure to Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies Concepts

• Child Centered Classrooms

• Individual Speech and Language Therapy

• Annual and On-Going Audiological Evaluations

• Speech and Language Evaluations

• New York State Approved Creative Curriculum

• Gym, Library, Art and Computer Classes

• Interpreted Field trips and Assemblies

• Child Centered Team Meetings

• Occupational and Physical Therapy Services

• Access to Parent Educator and Social Worker

• 12 Month Program

• Door to Door Transportation

• Free American Sign Language (ASL) Classes for Families