1Q.   What kind of school is Cleary?
1A.   Cleary is a 4201 State Funded school. 

2Q.   Is there a cost to attend Cleary?
2A.   No  
3Q.   Who are the professionals that will work with my child?
3A.   Your family will have the opportunity to work
with Teachers of the Deaf, Speech-Language Pathologists and Parent Educators.  Audiologists and other support personnel are available as well.
4Q.    How old can a child be to start your Parent-Infant program?
4A.    Pending approval from New York State
Department of Education, your child can enter the program  within a few weeks of diagnosis.   
5Q.    Would enrollment in an Early Intervention Program prevent me from participating in the Cleary Parent-Infant program?
5A.    No
6Q.    What habilitative options does Cleary Parent-Infant program offer?
6A.    We offer several habilitative options
within the Parent-Infant program, based on the parents’ needs and preferences.  
7Q.    How often will my child attend the Parent-Infant program sessions?
7A.     In the Parent-Infant program,
children and their caregivers will participate in individual sessions with a Teacher of the Deaf and Speech-Language Pathologist. Frequency of sessions is dependent on age of the child, their needs and family preferences.  Families also have the options for group interactions with other families in our Empower Hour, Family Music, Baby Group, Toddler Group and Pre-School Preparation Programs.  
8Q.     Can I come and see the school?
8A.     Of course.  Cleary is always happy to share our programs and discuss
enrollment with parents.    Contact the Parent-Infant Program at 631-588-0530 for more information.