Parent Infant Programs


Individual Sessions:  provide both the parents and the child with strategies and techniques to foster auditory, language, speech, cognitive and motor development. Our sessions incorporate a three-way partnership between the therapist, child and caregiver. Parents leave each session with strategies to use within their daily routines.

Music Classes
:  provide children a unique avenue to develop language. Studies show that the brain develops language when teaching is combined with music. Our music classes are taught by a Speech-Language Pathologist and a Teacher of the Deaf on a weekly basis. We welcome siblings to participate in this whole family experience.

For more information please visit: Music Together or the Cleary Music


All Group Sessions:  are taught by a Teacher of the Deaf and/or a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Children are provided with the opportunity to socialize  with same-age peers. Families are provided with the support of other families and an opportunity to discuss and share information.

Toddler Transition Program: is a collaboration between Teachers of the Deaf and Speech Pathologists to offer youngsters the opportunity to be on their own for a short time and become independent communicators.  Activities include a traditional circle time, motor development and literacy enhancement.  Individual goals are targeted and students are encouraged to use their developing skills in group settings in preparation for preschool.

Educational Parent Sessions provide families with information and support to tackle the challenges and celebrate the achievements of young children with hearing loss.

Parent Education & Social Worker Support:
Parents have the opportunity to meet with our support staff for additional assistance with home and community.