Parent Infant Program

Our Parent Infant Program services children who are hearing impaired ages birth to three years. We are a center-based program that offers a nurturing , family focused environment.  We establish a three-way partnership between family, child and teacher to foster the overall development of your child. From a child’s perspective we offer fun and engaging sensory opportunities.  From a parent’s perspective we offer information, guidance and emotional support.   From a professional’s perspective we offer individualized goal-driven sessions.

Our Program Provides:

  • Teachers of the Deaf
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Educational Parent Inservices
  • Baby Groups
  • Toddler Groups
  • Music Classes
  • Parent Education and Social Worker

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What’s happening in PIP

Listening in Everyday Routines

Everyone is so busy in their everyday lives it almost seems impossible to fit everything in!  That is why it is so important to utilize those everyday routines to foster listening and language development. Our children thrive on repetition and those routines support this.  The language of getting dressed, brushing your teeth, folding laundry, and prepping for meals naturally occurs everyday.  As you are doing these somewhat mundane activities they are a great way for your child to learn!  Make sure you are talking about what you are doing…

Think ACTION words (folding, cutting, brushing, stirring, buttoning, zippering, etc).

Think DESCRIBING words (hot, cold, soft, bumpy, wet, dry, smooth, etc).

Think SEQUENCING (Describe the order in which things happen,  First you need to find the toothbrush, Then find the toothpaste, Next put the toothpaste on the toothbrush).

Think LABELING unusual words (vegetable peeler, faucet, cardigan, bristles on a toothbrush, cap on the toothpaste, grater, cutting board).

These are just a few ideas to help you think about using your everyday schedule to help your child learn new information.  Take advantage of the things you are already doing!  This is easy!  Its nothing extra to do!

Pick one routine to start, then add a new one each day and by the end of the week you can be up to seven different routines!  Its not important which ones you start with….just be consistent.  Its not about the routine, it is your language input into the activity that is key. 

Fun with Family Music!

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