Parent Testimonial

While everything we’ve experienced at the Cleary School in the last three years has been nothing short of amazing, one of the special things we’ve taken away from our time here is the Music Together® Classes. It has been an indispensable aspect of Lidia’s education, therapy and entertainment.

The program itself is a remarkable tool that incorporates music and family bonding. We haven’t taken a class in more than a year, but we still listen to each CD in the car, at home, or at play dates with our friends. It never gets old. Pulling out our instruments, clearing the living room floor and putting on a Music Together® CD is our favorite rainy day activity. When I say we, I mean that I always participate – not because I have to, but because I have so much fun. My husband sings along in the car on road trips and the girls love it. The music is amazing – I often prefer it to listening to the radio. Sometimes, we break out into songs even without the CD playing.

My middle daughter, Lidia, has hearing loss and has been coming to Cleary since she was a year old. Her older sister accompanied us to each session and each Music Together class. It’s one of her favorite early childhood memories. And even though I haven’t attended too many classes with my youngest, since Lidia “graduated” out of PIP, even baby knows and loves the CDs!

The teachers, currently Miss Michelle and Miss Dawn, clearly love what they’re doing and were specially trained and certified to teach this class. It was another way to bond for Lidia to bond with her teachers and the other children and just have some fun – all the while learning and growing.

As a former Education major, I am toying with the idea of getting certified to teach these classes myself. I highly recommend to everyone I meet with children to find a class, and definitely without a doubt would recommend anyone attending Cleary to sign up and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Stephanie Cosentino, Parent