Listening Spoken Language Integrated Pre-K Program

Cleary School offers an integrated pre-kindergarten class for 4 year olds.  The class consists of a “50/50” ratio of children with hearing loss and children with typical hearing. The class program follows a collaborative service delivery model where co-teaching is designed to meet the educational demands of students with diverse needs. The children with hearing loss work toward their IEP goals while they learn, interact, and play with their typically hearing peers. The children with hearing loss gain the benefits of having language and conversational models of typically developing children to further push the boundaries of their own language skills. These language role models provide the framework for pragmatic/social language development to challenge all of the students to continue to grow in these areas.

Students in the Listening and Spoken Language Program participate in a variety of specials.  Communication goals follow the children to physical education provided in a full sized gymnasium or outdoor play space. Through the use of musical instruments, rhythm, music and songs the children sing and dance their way to become better communicators in Music Together® classes lead by certified leaders.

Literacy goals are enhanced with weekly visits to the school library.



  • Full Day Program
  • Teachers specialized in Special Education and/or Education of the Deaf
  • Daily individual Speech-Language Therapy with ASHA certified therapists
  • On-site Audiologist
  • Physical Education, Art, and Library
  • Parent Workshops
  • Occupational and Physical Therapy services
  • Extended year (12 month program)
  • Door to Door Transportation