High School Program

Cleary Secondary Program is an integrated program in East Islip High School (EIHS). Students have a variety of<options available to meet their academic needs, including those listed here. A student’s coursework and diploma (Regents or IEP) are determined by the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) developed by the student’s district Committee of Special Education.

Cleary School’s Secondary Program was established in 1978. Its mission is to give students who are deaf the opportunity to access the curricula and courses available to hearing peers at the high school level. In addition, our students have opportunities for direct communication with Deaf peers, enhancing their social and cultural experiences. This “best of both worlds” concept is the only program of its kind in New York State.

Students in the secondary program can also participate in alternative learning experiences. They may opt to enroll in the BOCES program which has courses ranging from technical training through college preparatory. As juniors and seniors, students can participate in internships directly related to training. A relationship between BOCES, Cleary School and the business world promotes a natural transition into the world of work.

Life Skills Transition Services

The goal of the Life Skills Program at the High School level is to prepare and assist students with special needs to move from school to adult life.

Student learning is achieved in a self-contained classroom and through meaningful community trips. The students participate in a volunteer work program, which helps prepare them for the workplace. The program provides ongoing instruction pertinent to the needs of each student while following New York State Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) and Common Core Learning Standards.

Students are provided individualized instruction to develop essential cognitive and affective skills that are necessary for independence. Our program is geared toward functional academics, and an increased focus on person centered planning in the areas of domestic, community, recreation/leisure, and vocational skills.

We offer

• Self-Contained Classes taught by Certified Teachers of the Deaf
• Mainstream Component: Students have access to any course offered at EIHS
• East Islip High School Course Guide 
• Sign Language Interpreting Services provided by Cleary Staff in the classroom and for all Extra Curricula Activities
• Speech Communication provided according to IEP Guidelines
• (IDEAS) After School Program and Tutoring as needed
• Guidance/Counseling Services