Elementary School Program

The goal of the Elementary Program is to provide access to the New York State Curriculum. Students receive instruction in the core subjects – Math, Social Studies, Science, and English – in the language that meets the communication needs of the child. The communication choices include American Sign Language (ASL), a Sign Support System, or spoken English. We expect that each student will develop into a productive and responsible citizen and member of society.

The ability to meet the specialized learning needs of the child is what makes Cleary School for the Deaf an exceptional learning institution. Our students receive the same educational opportunities as their hearing peers.

Satellite Elementary Program

The Cleary Satellite Program, housed in an East Islip Elementary school, was established in September 2015 for the purpose of providing partial mainstreaming opportunities for students who continue to need strong academic supports.  The program is a self-contained class taught through spoken language by Cleary School teachers. Students have opportunities to interact with typical hearing peers on a daily basis as they are integrated into specials and regularly scheduled class lessons with general education students.  Each student receives daily individual speech-language therapy with Cleary School ASHA certified speech-language pathologists specialized in hearing habilitation.   The students in this program receive close individual academic instruction with access to the culture of a full sized elementary school.


• Teachers Certified in Deaf or Special Education
• Individualized Education Program (IEP)
• Small Class Ratio Size
• Speech and Language Therapy
• Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Counseling
• Courses in Physical Education, Computer, Art, Health, Library and Dance
• Educational Resource Services
• Technology Rich Environment
• Cooperative Classroom Environments
• Interpreted Field Trips and Assemblies
• After School Tutoring in Reading
• Science and Math Clubs
• Social Programs
• Child Centered Team Meetings
• Access to Parent Educator and Social Worker