Cleary School for the Deaf continues to be one of the most innovative programs in New York State for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.  Each child that enters the program is seen as an individual.  With the support of a strong multidisciplinary team, students are given a program that meets their individual needs.  A spectrum of services around communication modality is provided.  Teachers in the program have a strong working knowledge of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.  They show an undying commitment to the children in the program and their families.

Students in grades k-12 participate in a full and robust curriculum that meets all of the State standards and the students have the same opportunities and services provided to students in the East Islip School district.  Cleary’s mission to meet the diverse and changing needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children is evident throughout the school day across all five educational sites of the program.


Parent Infant Program

Families participate in a variety of developmentally appropriate activities that focus on communication.  Alongside professionals to support them, the families participate in a weekly individual session with a teacher of the deaf, an individual session with a speech therapist, the Music Together program, and parent training.  The focus of the program is to help families develop a strong understanding of their child’s hearing loss and how to foster a language rich environment in the home. Parents are a vital member of our educational team.

Preschool program

The preschool Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) program focuses on the development of listening and spoken language skills.  The professionals within this program use typical preschool learning activities such as read aloud, calendar, science inquiry and play to promote language development.  They create reasons for the children to attend to and use spoken language.  The children receive individual speech 5 times a week, participate in the Music Together program, and have an opportunity for gross motor movement daily under the direction of a physical education teacher.

Preschool- grade 6 Total communication class

The focus of the program is to develop strong language skills using a variety of communication tools.  Sign, spoken language, and other visuals are used in very prescribed way to promote the need for children to attend to and use effective communication.  All of the children in these classrooms also receive speech 5 times a week and have physical education daily.  The preschool and kindergarten children also participate in Music Together.  The children in the school age program work under the New York State Standards.  Language continues to be the focus of this program, and is embedded into every aspect of content.

Cleary School for the Deaf at East Islip School District-Connetquot Elementary School

Cleary has an offsite elementary program in East Islip’s Connetquot primary building.  Based on each child’s needs, there are opportunities for part- to full-time mainstream classes.  Cleary offer self-contained class.  This class is for students who benefit from a smaller classroom ratio for academics, (6:1:1); but also need opportunities to be with children without hearing loss during one or more academic classes and/or specials such as art, music, and physical education.  Cleary offer fully mainstream opportunities in the elementary program.  Children are fully mainstreamed into East Islip elementary classes with the support of a full-time Cleary teacher of the deaf and a specialized trained teacher assistant who work alongside the general education teacher.

Cleary School for the Deaf at East Islip School District-Ruth C. Kinney Elementary School

Cleary participate in an offsite elementary class for students in grades 3-6.  The program and opportunities for the children in this program are very diverse.  Mainstreaming opportunities are provided with and without sign language interpreters, both full- and part-time.  Students engage in mainstream opportunities that includes academic classes, and specials—music, gym, art, and STEAM programming; which is new to East Islip School District.

Cleary School for the Deaf at East Islip School District-East Islip Middle School

Cleary is a part of the middle school program at East Islip.  The programming and opportunities are very diverse and are determined by each student’s individual needs.  Mainstreaming opportunities are provided with and without sign language interpreters, both full- and part-time mainstreaming are available.  Students are mainstreamed for some or all academic course work and/or for all specials such as music, physical education, art, technology, and family and consumer science.  Students have opportunities to participate in afterschool activities, such as clubs and sports with their East Islip peers.

Cleary School for the Deaf at East Islip School District-East Islip High School

Cleary’s high school program has a long history of being housed in the East Islip High School.  Students are provided a flexible schedule that meets their individual needs.  Students are mainstreamed with an interpreter for all or some of their academic coursework.  Students also have an opportunity to participate in one or more of any of the course electives that are available to all East Islip high school students.  Students aggressively work toward their goals which may include college or career.  High school students are involved in internship where they have real life experiences in the work environment where they have paid or volunteer jobs.  Many students avail themselves of afterschool activities which include clubs and sports teams.

With staff, assistants, and teachers all working in concert with students and administrators, Cleary School for the Deaf aims to deliver high quality programs.  Below is a list of the programs offered at Cleary School.