Executive Director’s Message

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year.  We enthusiastically welcome our Cleary community—students, parents, teachers, therapists, maintenance staff, administrative staff, therapists, nurse, psychologists, social worker, translators, interpreters, teacher assistants, administrators, and grandparents.  It is with excitement that we begin another school year.  The Cleary community is spread across five campuses but we stand tall as one strong community.  We are enthusiastic about our students in their various settings that are designed specifically for individual student learning.  The Cleary students are placed in fully mainstreamed, self-contained, partial mainstreamed, integrated programs, sports program, various after school programs, tutoring, and specialized programs.  They take advantage of a plethora of programs and placements with the most skilled and expert staff in the field of deafness.

The staff brings an infectious excitement that stimulates our students to reach for the stars and achieve at their greatest potential.  We are truly blessed to be a part of a community of learners and educators who are excited to teach and learn.  We are anticipating a wonderful school year.

Click HERE to meet some of our administrative team!

Yours Truly, Jacqueline Simms Executive Director