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90th Anniversary 1925 - 2015

Located in Suffolk County, Long Island, Cleary Deaf Child Center, Inc. had its beginning in 1925 when Rosemary Cleary opened Camp Peter Pan, the first summer camp for the Deaf in the United States. In honor of the long history of love and service Cleary School has offered to children, families and the Long Island community join us as we honor 90 years of history, love and service.

Throughout 2015 Cleary School launched a social media campaign celebrating Cleary School’s history sharing photos, marketing ads, and alumni videos. At the onset of the 2015-2016 school year, we plan to host a 90th Anniversary celebration, the below outlines the celebration festivities. 

Efforts will be made to raise funds contributing towards the purchase of an outdoor LED sign, raising a community presence while also notifying the community of Cleary School activities.

Celebration Events 

90th Anniversary 1925 – 2015

September 18th  (Friday)  & 19th (Saturday)





Important notes

Cleary Fun Day

Friday Sept. 18, 2015 10am – 3pm

Cleary will host a fair day on the Nesconset campus. There will be games and activities, lunch will be provided to guests. This would be a kickoff to Deaf Awareness week (Sept. 22-27). The focus being partner building with key community members like our sister schools and to allow for social opportunities for our students.    

Invitations to participate will go out to board members, local legislative representatives, LI media outlets, NY 4201 schools, community leaders, district partners, current staff and parents, local HS ASL clubs, alumni etc..


Fundraising Dinner


Friday Sept. 18, 2015

7pm – 11pm


Cleary will host a dinner at Villa Lombardi’s.

Entry by prepaid ticket, several fundraising activities will occur during the dinner, i.e. Chinese auction, raffle etc..




Saturday Sept. 19, 2015

8am – 4pm


Cleary School Alumni are planning a family oriented reunion for all classes.


Entry by prepaid ticket, ticket sale is open to the general public.