Executive Director's Message

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year. 

 The staff is honored to be an instrumental part of your child’s and your families’ lives. For this school year, like all other school years, we have much work to do together. Cleary School for the Deaf is a unique place with great staff and students. I’m glad that we are partnering together to build a brighter future for your child and our students.

This school years’ focus with our families is to nurture the potential of every student. Parents and staff will work as coaches and cheerleaders to guide each child to high and realistic expectations. Please find some helpful guidelines for us to work towards this year.

Reading—all students need to be read to for at least 30 minutes per day. Students who are able to read, need to read a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Please log reading on a reading log. Reading helps us all to go to faraway places, learn about our country, our families, our cultures, about deafness, and so much more. This message will send a signal as to the importance of reading and learning.

Writing—first engage students in conversation; discuss books, movies, current events, and their school day. Ask your child to maintain a journal, written or drawing/sketching. This is an excellent form of self-expression and an opportunity for students to process their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and emotions on paper. We are encouraging our students to develop independent thinking.

Praise your child—we want to be warm and strict. We will praise students for specific, authentic hard work. Through this effort, students will gain trust and respect for staff and families. Praise that is vague, insincere, or excessive tends to discourage kids from working hard. We encourage you to engage your child by asking, “How was school today?” Showing genuine interest and if they are unable to answer in September, that is all right. That is exactly what we are working on, communication, creating ideas on their own, and engagement of child and families/staff. Remember Cleary provides ASL classes to families on Wednesday evenings.

Math—have a positive attitude about math. Allow them to be a part of real-world math. Emphasize when you are using money. Estimate how much an item will cost. Give them money to practice with, i.e., 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, a $1 bill. Discuss the money. Talk about measurement, i.e., the milk container size, the bottle of water, the tub of butter. Refer to time and the clock all the time. Organizing the utensils drawer, putting away the dishes, etc. Allow them to struggle and problem solve while providing guidance and clear direction.

Our kids are learning to be persistent in school, at home, and in society at large. Along with persistence, we want our students to be conscientious and take on some responsibility through hard work for their accomplishments.

We are pursuing success in life for our students. It is going to be a great year. Please reach out to us, let’s not be strangers, we want to do this together. 

Click Here is some guidance to part of our team.

Yours truly,

Jacqueline Simms

Executive Director