Auditory-Oral Preschool

Cleary School’s Auditory-Oral Preschool Program for children 3-5 years of age is a model reverse inclusion program. Children with hearing loss learn and play alongside their peers with normal hearing. The children with normal hearing are carefully screened to ensure that they are the best possible language role models.

The program provides an intense focus on developing listening and speaking skills to prepare our children with hearing loss to enter their district-based kindergarten programs. The classrooms are acoustically treated and equipped with sound field systems to improve speech reception and decrease environmental sounds. The teachers, classroom assistants and speech therapists are trained to use Auditory-Verbal techniques in the classrooms and the speech therapy sessions.

The students are guided through each stage of auditory development. Children progress from a beginner listener as they learn to listen, to an advanced listener as they listen to learn. Some of the auditory-verbal strategies used in the classroom include using the hand cue, acoustic highlighting and auditory feedback which encourages children to monitor their own speech productions, focuses attention to vocabulary and key concepts as well as to demonstrate comprehension. Each child will advance through a hierarchy of listening, speech, language, cognitive and communication skills.

Cleary School also offers a Music and Movement Program. This specialized curriculum is designed to enhance auditory, speech and language skills. Each lesson is developmentally and linguistically appropriate for children in the preschool years. The music teacher works with the speech therapists to incorporate the children’s speech and language goals into the musical activities. Through the use of musical instruments, rhythm, music and songs the children sing and dance their way to become better communicators.


• Full Day Program 
• Teachers Certified in Deaf or Special Education 
• Daily Individual Auditory-Based Speech and Language Therapy 
• New York State Approved Creative Curriculum 
• Speech Push-Ins in the Classroom 
• Coordination of Classroom and Speech Language Goals 
• Audiologist on Staff 
• Annual and On-Going Audiological Evaluation 
• Annual and On-Going Speech and Language Evaluations 
• Gym, Library, Art and Computer Classes 
• Parent Workshops 
• Occupational and Physical Therapy Services 
• On-going Contacts with Private Audiologists and Cochlear Implant Centers
• 12 Month Program 
• Door to Door Transportation