Welcome to the Cleary School PSA
Welcome to the Cleary School Parent Staff Association! The purpose of the PSA is to support the faculty, staff, parents, and especially the students at Cleary School. We organize holiday events for the children, provide a forum for networking among parents, fundraise and support classroom teachers in order to enhance the educational environment for all of our students. In order to be successful, your support is essential. To fund our activities, we request an annual donation in any amount from each member. We are also seeking volunteers to help with PSA sponsored events and programs throughout the year. You might participate as a committee member, volunteer, or merely as an attendee. Whatever level of participation you select, we would greatly appreciate your time and involvement. We also invite you to offer your comments and suggestions regarding the PSA, it's purpose and activities. You can reach us at psa
@clearyschool.org or on our Facebook page

Our next PSA meeting will be on Monday, October 17th at 7pm. 
Please rsvp if you need babysitting to psa@clearyschool.org. 

May 2016 Family Fun Day! You can view pictures here.