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Teacher Assistant (Cleary Campus)

TITLE:                                                   Teacher Assistant at Cleary School for the Deaf

REPORTS TO:                                       Principal

CERTIFICATION REQUIRED:    NY State Teacher Assistant Certification

PERFORMANCE:                                 Abides by personnel policies of the school



      NYS Teacher Assistant Certification

      Basic knowledge of ASL (American Sign Language) and/or understanding of early language development

      Experience working with students who are deaf and/or deaf with additional disabilities

      Spanish Preferred



      Provides instructional and clerical support for classroom teachers, allowing teachers more time for lesson planning and teaching

      Supports and assists children in learning class material by following the lead of the teacher to provide students with individualized attention

      Supervises students in the cafeteria, schoolyard, and hallways, or on field trips



      Prepares for classroom activities under supervision of a certified teacher

      Works with small groups of students to reinforce material introduced by the teacher

      Assists individual children in need of special attention (ie: tutoring, toileting, behavioral supports)

      Performs clerical duties in a timely manner

      Guides independent study, enrichment work, and remedial work generated by teacher

      Assists with preparing students for the day — bus duty, hearing aid checks, etc.

      Assists teacher with non-instructional classroom duties. (i.e.: snack, arrival/departure routines)

      Assists students in all specials (i.e.: physical education, art, et.al.)

      Maintains consistent discipline in accordance with teacher

      Reports to the teacher any matter of importance that occurs in the event of teacher’s absence

      Performs any other tasks deemed necessary by administration


Please submit your resume via email to: jobs@clearyschool.org or via Fax: 631-588-0016 or

regular Mail:  301 Smithtown Blvd., Nesconset, NY  11767 Attn: Ellen McCarthy